Acting – summer school of theater for kids

Theatrical arts play an important role in the development of a child’s personality. Through various acting exercises, children not only discover their acting talent, but also develop and strengthen creativity and self-confidence, emotional and social intelligence, concentration, and the ability to deal with nervousness.

Our acting/theatre workshop is focused on the personal, social and artistic development of individuals and groups, through dramatic/scenic art. The emphasis is on developing creativity and encouraging individuality.

Through acting and this workshop, we work on developing skills such as:
openness, presence, communicativeness, self-awareness, confidence, concentration, imagination, release, empathy and creativity.

Through a systematic practical program, participants are introduced to the elements of acting and the craft of acting. From working on yourself, getting to know your body, voice and emotional apparatus, which are instruments and tools for work, to basic dramatic elements.

Some of the lessons of the program are:
senses/perceptions and sensations, concentration, attention/focus, space, imagination, improvisation, imagination, play,…with familiarization with basic dramatic elements such as scene, partner, situation, circumstances, action, relationship, conflict, task, character – role, genre…

The benefits of this workshop are:
getting rid of stage fright from public speaking
creating healthy relationships when working in a group setting baits for developing and strengthening imagination getting to know stage art in a new way getting to know and upgrading one’s own possibilities (talent)

Developing creativity: Through our concept, children are provided with a space where they can create their own stories and characters, which they then have the opportunity to interpret on stage, thus expressing their ideas and their uniqueness.

Developing self-confidence: Expressing their uniqueness through the creation of their own creations, children present their skills, abilities, ideas, and the realization of the value of all that, which positively affects their self-confidence and reduces nervousness.

Developing emotional intelligence: Theater art, through adequate acting exercises, enables children to work on themselves, their emotions, become aware of themselves, their inner world and external behavior, thus building their way of experiencing and reacting.

Developing social intelligence: Working on stage involves communication with the environment, as well as working with a partner on stage. This directly affects children’s ability to interact with others, strengthen mutual respect, and children’s coping in society in general.

Strengthening concentration: By performing their tasks on stage for a limited time, children direct their attention to one goal within the given time. In this way, and with the help of concentration exercises, children strengthen their focus and perseverance.

…and all through the game!

Acting classes;
Musical theater classes;
Dance and movement lessons

Workshops run by:
ANA-MARIJA TOMIĆ graduated from the Academy of Music in the department of music theory and pedagogy, she is currently a fourth-year student at the Academy of Performing Arts in the department of acting.
FATIMA KAZAZIĆ OBAD graduated in acting from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo (ASUS). Member of the ensemble of the National Theater in Mostar. Professional associate on the subject Motion at ASUS.
NEDIM DŽINOVIĆ graduated in acting from the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Member of the ensemble of Chamber Theater 55. Played in the theater plays of Chamber Theater 55, Open Scene Obala, Youth Theater, SARTR and Altteatr. Acted in several radio dramas of the BHRT drama and documentary program, short films and the TV series ˝Tender˝. Lecturer at acting workshops in the Center for Culture and Youth of the Centar Municipality and Altteatr.


Date: from 8.7. until 8.8. in 2024

Place: HU-Holistic Association

Address: Radićeva 2, 71000 Sarajevo

Time: Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:30

Age category: from 8 to 11 years

Price: 150 KM

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